a living letterpress


SMASH TYPE is a living typewriter. Participants take on the role of letters of the alphabet, numbers, or punctuation marks and stamp their character onto huge sheets of paper using hand made hammers creating collaborative poetry letter by letter.

New Rust at the Paragon Paint Factory, this blog post, and these guys inspired Ben Weber to create SMASH TYPE in November 2010.

SMASH TYPE is constantly evolving, a work in progress, and can only exist with the willing participation of an audience.

SMASH TYPE strives to be both a vital work of contemporary performance as well as a powerful weapon for literacy education.

About Ben Weber

Ben is an artist living in Brooklyn who creates interactive, community-based performances. He is a teaching artist for WEE Arts at Children's Museum of the Arts. Ben curates Comedy Night at BAMcafé Live, a stand-up comedy show at Brooklyn Academy of Music. He directs education for Elastic City.